I do what I wanna Do


These are my Memories of Love and Sex thx to  Sarah’s Appointment , Deciding of Others


We are   Sweet and Beautiful…      No Love Appoinment, Hate, Laughing Off, Mean Words, Deciding,

You cant do it with Pussy, You cant kiss . Hugh, We let you wait 17 Y and we let you Cry Nights.. 

We let you walk Alone and We Laugh you Off.. We are hotter      We continue showed No Mercy and Had Love, Sex..


We Give you Nothing, we wasted every Change           and Let you everytime Wait More.. Its Fun     We can always Live Out on you In Music and in the Streets


I dont have to continue become Imperfect               Making me Ugly fat is More Waiting…           Why do you let me wait?     Next Time I Want to Change Side





I  dont Like  Getting No Changes,  Appointments,     That I Continue must Become Ugly, fat,

Have No Selfworth or cant have Love, sex, Deciding,  Living Out on Others Selfworth,

waiting, Crying Nights.. Wasted Changes, I  dont Like  showing No Mercy   , Replace you cant in jes we can   


\\       Free Will, Happiness, and More Love, More Changes. with Love, Sex  : Beautiful and thin        //


No Imperfection       Smile     I Love My  Life       I Do What I Want


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