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I care for Everything, I lived my Life Good, always believed..    Why  become ugly or fat  ?,     I did Nothing Wrong. I am an Sweet Person, and  I am Beautiful 







The Fifthguys ( Sarah )    5D Earth         Russia & K Music ?           Listen this.. Justin Bieber  & Anonymous Suit?     > Explain This Illuminati <   


Q, Trump Love Will Remember, Selena Gomez  \NEO      Dont you Know ( X )   The Fifthguys & Coffeeshop  ( Sarah )    Trump & Illuminati      Trump, Hillary and Jesuits 


The Double Trouble Ke Termination Records?     I’m Moving On ?  Cant Have ? Sarah  On the Low?      Bigger Wow? Sad Puppy, Burn ?      Sarah Hadassa – Gun?  Skylike – Imaginary  



Sarah, Illuminati :Appointment, Living out 2002 – 2019             I cried Nights, Ohers showed no Love, and continue  had love, sex.. No Love, No Children, villas, cars No Money

You cant have Love, Sex, you cant have selfworth, it must go off, We hate you, you cant become Beautiful we decide this or that

Continue Negative talk on streets, sad memories of Living Out, sad memories of Past   and Negativity  in Music, tv, and Radio 
















You Continue must Become Ugly, fat, You Cant Stay Perfect ?            I trust in the Angels, what they Learned Me :

God Loves me For Who I am, God is Acceptance and Unconditional Love, God Lets me be Myself, God Is Higher Self, God Gives Free Will








Kevin ( Boy Side )


Jesus Ceasarion    Birth of John       The Biologic Illusionary Binary Liquid Experiment B.I.B.L.E.        Book of Revelation  


2280  ArchAngel Michael Channeled, I can Be Myself, Believe in Me, I can Stay  Beautiful, thin and Happy    171




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