Ennead, Usa Justice court.. I choose love, create Happiness





Trump, Sananda Work with Sarah and Illuminati

> Why I send mails <             .Got Nothing.. No Love, Sex Money Children, Villas Cars..        Sarah’s Fight





I Continue did Everything for Love,  I Think Positive..   Try to solve wars, Do my best for Pure hearts, for Good .. I have fantasy so we all become One.. Even Give Twin Flame idea


I dont agree I continue must become ugly fat,     I  always Chose Love  I do what makes me Happy..   I really Lived a Good Life..   I am worth it to stay Beautiful, thin









Archangel Michael     Focus     Jes.. I Create “Happiness” Free Will…  ConciousnessTill The Sun Rise Up       Everyday


My Angels Channeled :       That’s The Way It Is   Angel No 24: Choose Happiness and Believe in yourself 🙂     

Angel No 135  Freedom & Free Will  587 : You Are The Creator             Do not be afraid to be yourself in the midst of people.

Be yourself always, do things that make you happy.become the best version of yourself  Follow your Intuition and Live an Good Life

With the guidance of your guardian angels, you will be able to discover your abilities hence putting you on the right path in life.

Listen to Others Negativity ? Angels Channel 224…     I focus on Myself..       Let Others Talk.. Do things that make you Happy







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