Ennead, Angels.. I live good.. Do my best for love.. worth it to Stay Beautiful and thin



 Illuminati made No Love Appointment and Never got changes in Love  because others decide and continue live out on me       others want me ugly fat If I die..      But dont agree over that.. 



I lived good, believe in  Jesus,  I learned work of angels.. So I always do my Best for Unconditional love, I think positive and create happiness ( Higher Self )   I make the best of Living my Life           


Angels, Sananda are love, sweet and give Free will..         If i become ugly, fat or beautuful, thin.. That is a choise Ennead, Angels make..   others shouldnt decide over my life..   


If I am sweet, love.. I suspect I can stay beautiful and thin,  I will see what happends if I die and I return to God and Angels,     Angels know I did my best..     My Angels Channel this about it  : 788







Illuminati Appointment 2002 – 2020     Got Nothing, No Love, sex Money Children, Baby’s  Villas   got No Selfworth of  Living Out, that I cant have Love, sex..





Girls, Sarah  never Gave  Changes with Love and Sex..  I Cried Many Nights.. They Lived out,wasted Changes Others continue can have Love, sex ?   Sad Memories of Others (hate , Laughing Off, Living Out) 


Others can fuck a Pussy and have fun and laugh me Off , Decided    I always walk alone…   If I die I might choose Other Side,But dont Agree anymore   Then I Become ugly or fat,  did my best for Love..


I walk alone in streets, buy clothes alone and see Lingerie Stores and then I know girls dont want me            I visit Zoo, Swimming Pool, Sea, Railway Museum..I see Little Kids ( Baby’s )





l Love Unconditionally..    I am, Sweet, Beautiful, and Create Happiness, and  Love, Peace, I am not the problem..            Ego / Higher Self








Kevin ( Boy Side )The Biologic Illusionary Binary Liquid Experiment B.I.B.L.E.     Rev 66 Holy Bible          Jesus Ceasarion    Birth of John 































Jes.. I Create “Happiness” Free Will…  Till The Sun Rise Up       EverydayArchangel Michael     Focus     Conciousness    


My Angels Channeled :       That’s The Way It Is   Angel No 24: Choose Happiness and Believe in yourself 🙂    


Do not be afraid to be yourself in the midst of people. Angel No 135  Freedom & Free Will  587 : You Are The Creator            


Be yourself always, do things that make you happy.become the best version of yourself  Follow your Intuition, Live an Good Life

Listen to Others Negativity ? Angels Channel 224…     I focus on Myself..       Let Others Talk.. Do things that make you Happy















All Good Times






























Unconditional Love Work of Angels


God & Angels love Unconditionally, without any exceptions. God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time,

at the perfect Divine Timing They never infringe on other people’s free will”,   AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires

“”Jesus : Angels Love Unconditionally and Everybody has Free Will as Birth Right “”








“You are Creation experiencing Itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer.         


God is LuMi, Lucifer and Michael..  Luminous  Means Light Bringer     God is  Male and Female             http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/true-story-about-michael-lucifer-0






I Always Chose for Love  .. Angels work with free will  never Decide over Others ? I think Positive Create Happiness  Love Selfworth of Ego / Higher Self, let others Be theirself 





What is Unconditional Love of Michael?


Accepting others choises, everything,           Choose lucifer,or  choose michael             If others believe more in Self with lucifer, Its ok..        

Why fight, Know God is unconditional love, and love Returns,    Love always Wins, 8

Higher self is loving we, choosing happiness, taking good care for Self, We, accepting others without judgement,

being one with God is that everything is created with love, and everything is Perfect as it is             Making mistakes in love is okay, God created imperfection to learn to become Love
























The Creators ( Positive Energy )














880 is a powerful number that relates to who you truly are within, your inner-strengths and unique talents,

and your abilities to manifest both material and spiritual energies into your life. It is also a number that gets things done.










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