Ennead, Angels










Ennead and Angels, I get No Love, sex No Money or Children,    My Natural Healer Learned me Love of the Angels

I care for 42 Rules of Maat, Rainbow Covenant and Our Father,   I Did my very best for The work of the Angels, and I keep my Promises

And then those contacts want to create me ugly or fat 🙁         Ennead,   This is very Flaw, according this  Evidence I have collected of them :







Free WIll Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat   Cosmic Laws The Game Of Love  Experiment    Ego-Higher Self  Karma  System Good Times , Happiness




Kevin   : A Saviour is Born   John,  Ceasarion    Birth of John           Kevin    My Child           Book of Revelation             Love Game / Experiment


I Think Positive most of Time, I transform Everything..  I am Healing Earth & Doing Conciousness, Psy Trance are Electro Magnetic Vibrations..










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