Ennead and Angels in Heaven









Read from Sananda           The Event?    NASA Build New 5D Realm   Planet X              Sananda, & Trump  Werner Von Braun


Sarah, Illuminati : Appointment, Living out 2002 – 2019         I  Have sad memories of this :  Deciding, Or that selfworth Must Go Off,  or themes of becoming ugly or fat ? 

Bigger Wow? .    Forget You ?            Sad Puppy, Burn ?          On the Low?       People didnt  Gave me Love ,I dont agree  I Become or fat

I Cried Nights and walked Alone,   Ohers hate, showed no Love, and  had love, sex..No Love, No Children,  cars,  Money



I worship Archangel Michael , The Right Hand Of God, Michael Protects me and makes me Happy

    My Angels Give Free Will and Selfworth, and I can stay Beautiful, thin, do things that make me Happy..  85, Inner Voice (free Will ) 705 Beauty            512, Do things that make you Happy



I learned my lessons of the angels, I use my selfworth for Loving me , Others     Giving compliments, healing earth, Doing good things and creating happiness.. I am worth it      Ennead’s Rules 






Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat   Free WillCosmic Laws The Game Of Love  Experiment,Ego-Higher Self  Karma System Good Times , Happiness



God & Angels love Unconditionally, without any exceptions. God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time,

at the perfect Divine Timing They never infringe on other people’s free will”,   AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires




“You are Creation experiencing Itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer.         

God is LuMi, Lucifer and Michael..  Luminous  Means Light Bringer     God is  Male and Female





Unconditional Love Of the Angels  (Ego and Higher Self )      Experiment Lucifer / Michael    One ( Nous ) Neoplatinism    





Angel Number 1555 encourages you to take charge of your own life, do things your own way, and make positive life changes that will benefit yourself and others
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