USA Justice Court and Ennead..             Do Illuminati and Sananda work Together ?         









People   gave no  changes,  (Illuminati  Appointment )       I cried Nights.. 2002 – 2019  not 15,   I am 32       I dont Like  Others Deciding.. They Had  fun with fucking penis in Pussy.. 

We Came. haha       I didnt, I dont like feeling as boy 🙁        Lingerie ?  it reminds me Girls dont want to see me      We continue want that you become ugly or fat..   Thx for Sweet Compliments   

Got Nothing, No Hughs, Love, Children, Money, Villas, Cars..      People  let me wait and cry Nights             If we die,  I maybe Choose to become Girl 






I Lived Good…  &  I Have Free Will..          Angels, Why can I not Stay Beautiful and thin ? I dont agree I become Ugly or fat..



 I Learned all my Lessons, For  Love of the Angels      I am worth it to  stay Beautiful,  thin,   I Lived a Good Life




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